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It's about time I did one of these, I think. :)

I write in two fandoms. Harry Potter and BBC Sherlock.

My Harry Potter Stories (archived elsewhere):

My author pages at, The Petulant Poetess, and Ashwinder. Some of my HP stories can also be found at An Archive of our Own (AO3).

My Sherlock stories can be found on, and
AO3 as well as here, on LJ.

The Evidence Series (on LJ):

Incandescence (not technically part of the series, but takes place in the same universe. John's POV)

(The series is not yet complete but each installment can stand on its own.)

Surfacing (written for [ profile] holmestice, Spring, 2011)

Just Like Magic (written for [ profile] sherlockmas, Spring, 2011)

Touchstone (written for [ profile] holmestice, Winter, 2011)

Podfic: I am very open to the podficcing of my stories. If you want to make a recording of something I've written in either fandom, you have my permission. I would appreciate it if you would let me know so that I can share the link with others. 
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Title: I leave a trail of breadcrumbs to show you where I've been
Characters/pairings: John/Sherlock
Spoilers: S2, Reichenbach Fall 
Warnings: a moment of gore, apparent character death
Summary: John sees him every single time he closes his eyes.
Author notes: This story is set in the Touchstone universe found on AO3 or LJ. To understand this story best, I recommend reading 'Touchstone' first.  I plan to revisit this universe to retell the three episodes of Series 2 through the 'Touchstone' universe's lens.

This ficlet demanded writing first, so here it is.

Beta thanks to [ profile] pyjamapants, [ profile] sc010f, and [ profile] bethbethbeth.

I leave a trail of breadcrumbs to show you where I've been )

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Title: Touchstone
Recipient: CathedralCarver
Characters/Pairings: John/Sherlock
Rating: R
Warnings: none, unless magical realism requires a warning…
Summary: On John Watson’s sixth birthday, his mum gave him a flat wooden box to hold his wish stones.

Touchstone )

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It's been so much fun to look at the reveal list and see everybody's posts about their gifts, given and received.

First and foremost, thank you to [ profile] ferporcel for the incredible, intricate, evocative (and perfectly titled) art that she created to accompany my story, "King of Swords." If you haven't seen it, you must run, now, and take a look. It's incredible. King of Swords was my first (and only) WIP (now complete) and feels to me like a reflection of my own exploration and growth as a writer. To have a piece of art that depicts such a crucial scene is a powerful gift for me, more than you may have even realized, Fer. Thank you.

"Chasing the Darkness Away"

*glomps Fer.

Second, I can now publicly own up to writing "The Essence of Sunset" for [ profile] dickgloucester, who wrote one of her prompts with me in mind. Thanks to the mods for saying "yes" when I requested to be assigned to her. *smooches you all*

To say that I was blown away by the reception to the story would be a massive understatement. I can't tell you all how much it means to me to see the way that people engaged with the story. The questions you asked, the observations you made, the speculations, the conversations in comments, and your emotional reactions kept me glued to the computer and leaping regularly from my seat (hard to do both, simultaneously, y'know?). It's the greatest gift anybody can give a writer: to be such engaged and emotionally available readers. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am incredibly fortunate to have a veritable Quidditch team (if you include reserve players... ahem) of alpha readers, beta readers and cheerleaders.  I simply could not have written something of this scope without them, and they deserve so much credit for making this story work. Each one brought a unique point of view or expertise to the process and helped me immensely as I groped my way through the world-building and character development and searched for plot. (I'm always searching for the plot. Just ask them.)

So, here goes. :)

First of all, thanks to Dicky for writing such an intriguing, brilliant prompt and for being awesome in general... I was highly motivated to write something that would be deserving of her as a recipient. *squishes her

Massive hugs to [ profile] subvers, [ profile] lady_rhian, and [ profile] bluestocking79 for alpha reading/cheerleading and general "yes, this works" all the way through. You were my rudders.

Giant hugs to [ profile] lifeasanamazon for her detailed and insightful Britpick and for gobs of encouragement at a time when I really needed some. 

Thanks to the mods and especially to [ profile] scatteredlogic for making sure the complex coding worked on this monster of a story. *hugs

Immense thanks to [ profile] drinkingcocoa and [ profile] juniperus for close reading for content, consultation about the Middle Ages, illuminated lettering, and canon characterizations and millions of other details that they wouldn't let me get away with faking. 

Enormous gratitude to [ profile] annietalbot, [ profile] sc010f, and [ profile] pyjamapants for helping shape the spreadsheet that allowed me to keep the universes straight and clarify the elements that shaped each one, for reading draft after draft, beta reading, close reading, listening to the moans and groans about world-building, and generally reassuring me and guiding me all along the way. You guys deserve medals. Really. Big medals.

Finally, [ profile] juno_magic wrought her incredible magic in two massive ways for this story. First, she did the coding (which took days) that created the gradient color background that gave the story its visual punch. She also did the most in-depth editorial read that I've ever experienced. It was massive, detailed and absolutely invaluable not only for the story, but also in pushing me as a writer. I don't think there are enough words to express my gratitude to her. Juno, you humble me. 

Ladies, you all humble me. 

*standing ovation to the alpha/beta/cheerleading team
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Do I have time to write for [ profile] holmestice?

Last round, I did a pinch hit. I also signed up for [ profile] thegameison_sh each month (500-750 words, only, so that's not too bad, right?).

And this, after saying I was done writing to deadlines.

*whimpers at my utter lack of self-control

It takes me forever to write... I can't just whip something out (usually), even if it's short. It's a painstaking process. 

But, but, but.


*drags self away from [ profile] holmestice com for now

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What follows is my attempt to make sense of some currently shapeless thoughts and feelings by thinking 'out loud', so to speak. Feel free to skip the navel gazing and wandering in circles and go right to the questions at the end. I'd LOVE to have lots and lots of discussion here if people are interested in the topic. Or, skip the whole thing and enjoy your evening. :)

Read more... )Read more... )
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Hi everybody!

I'm long overdue for an update, so let's do it with a Good Things list:
Ten Awesome Things )
How's that for a Friday?
*hugs everybody and wishes you all a wonderful weekend
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Is up on Ashwinder right here.  It's in the queue at TPP and shall be posted to FFnet as soon as I have time to fix the scene dividers.

Thanks to [ profile] annietalbot  and [ profile] lady_karelia for casting their magical eyes on the chapter.

Thanks to all who have waited to patiently while I worked on my Exchange stories.  Apart from work on the Infinitus papers, I don't anticipate further long delays in the story posting (pauses to throw talismans around).

ETA:  I hate FFNET's interface.  Just saying.  *goes back to wrestling with scene dividers
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 Hooray!  The [ profile] snuna_exchange  reveals are up right here (and early, too)!

My contribution is, "To Ride the Rising Sun" and was a joy to write. 

I squeed like a loon when I received my gift, but there is no such thing as too much squeeing, right?

The divine [ profile] camillo1978  drew the magnificent, "Life Force Depends on Elemental Power" for meeeeee!  If you have not yet seen it, go.  Now.  Seriously.  It's mind-blowing.  *glomps Camillo.

My apologies to those whose contributions I've not yet reviewed. I am, alas, still behind on reading, viewing, and reviewing (life, my SSHG piece, and ... life interfered with keeping up), but I plan to savor each and every story and piece of art in the exchange even if I'm a bit slow.  It was a marvelous exchange and I am so impressed by the collection of writers and artists it drew.  Thanks, as always, to our modly mod, Iuls who runs a fabulous show.

In related news, the [ profile] sshg_exchange  begins posting tomorrow today.  WOOT!

My story is in.  Yes, yes it is.  Nobody faint in shock.  

Now I can get back to work on King of Swords.

And the conference talks for Infinitus.

And the book I'm supposed to be writing (the nonfiction one...).  


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 And now I can thank [ profile] kizzy7  for the fabulous gift she wrote for me, Mirrorball.  It's lyrical and filled with gorgeous turns of phrase as well as spot-on observations of the characters and their emotional dilemmas (my favorite, of course!).  It's emotionally nuanced and layered, and most importantly of all, shows that it's the relationship that heals.  Even if you don't really love Snuna, this one is worth a read.  Thank you, [ profile] kizzy7 !

I also now get to thank [ profile] talesofsnape for the fabulous banner (with matching icons!) she made for the story hours before the deadline.  It's perfect for the story, and is a piece of art in and of itself.  See its loveliness? *pauses to admire... guh...

And of course, now I can reveal my own story, written for [personal profile] miss_morland , As to a Portrait, Gently Drawn.  Title credit goes to [ profile] ariadne1  who, when I started channeling Whitman (don't ask... really), produced the most perfect title (and who also said, "STOP right here.  It's done."  Blesses her.  And to [ profile] annietalbot who, as always, reads four hundred thousand drafts without a whisper of complaint (at least not where I can hear), and guides, and points to where tweaking is needed.  Also, thank you to [ profile] somigliana  who suggested that I play with tense and POV.  It hadn't occurred to me to try this, and the use of the present tense in this story is due to her, and I think it adds a great deal to the emotional tone.  Finally, thank you to [personal profile] iulia_linnea for providing a forum for these stories to be born.

I'd never written outside my OTP until this exchange.  Heck, I barely read outside my OTP!  I'm glad I did, though.  I enjoyed writing this story--it flowed in a way that I've not experienced in my prior fic writing and that alone was enjoyable and worth the experience.  I'd not given Luna much thought and it was interesting to do that, and to think about Snape with her as the foil.  

I'll be archiving to OWL soon, and then to the other archives (TPP, soon after.

All in all, this was a really nice experience.  There are some outstanding stories in the exchange -- and I'm about a week behind in reading.  If I've not reviewed your story yet (oh, flisters who also participated), it means I've not yet caught up, but I shall!

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