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Well, we got to meet the vet yesterday.  

The good news is that he's fabulous.  Everybody loved him, even the kitties, I think. 

The less excellent news is that both kittens have parasites -- worms.  Daugher #2 spotted something suspicious whilst brushing Shoko on Thursday and we got in to the vet right away.  Fortunately, the pill he gave them was a one-time dose, and the paste (which apparently tastes good) only needs repeating once in two weeks.  He gave us a flea preventative just in case, even though there's no evidence of fleas.  He said that even though they were dewormed before we got them, sometimes it doesn't kill the parasite in all its stages of growth.  *shudders...

Poor kitties.  

The other thing he found when he examined them were swollen lymph nodes.  This worries me far more...  They were tested for the feline leukemia titer (titer? DNA? exposure... not sure what it is that's tested) when they got to their foster home, and came up negative.  He said that they could be swollen b/c of the parasite load, and we'll recheck in a few weeks.  The vet gave sort of mixed signals about how worried to be.  He said, "This freaks me out a little." But also said, "I don't want you to worry."  Um, too late.

*wibbles and worries

Have any of you ever had this happen?  Had a cat's lymph nodes be swollen and it NOT be a gruesome diagnosis?  Especially for a cat who'd already been tested?

I'm really, really trying not to worry...

--Pets the kitties


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