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Title: I leave a trail of breadcrumbs to show you where I've been
Characters/pairings: John/Sherlock
Spoilers: S2, Reichenbach Fall 
Warnings: a moment of gore, apparent character death
Summary: John sees him every single time he closes his eyes.
Author notes: This story is set in the Touchstone universe found on AO3 or LJ. To understand this story best, I recommend reading 'Touchstone' first.  I plan to revisit this universe to retell the three episodes of Series 2 through the 'Touchstone' universe's lens.

This ficlet demanded writing first, so here it is.

Beta thanks to [ profile] pyjamapants, [ profile] sc010f, and [ profile] bethbethbeth.

I leave a trail of breadcrumbs to show you where I've been )

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I heard this song yesterday and knew that the words were meant to go with these images. Endless thanks to [ profile] distortedenigma who created the image set and so graciously shared it with me. My adoration to Leonard Cohen whose words unerringly pierce through the layers to find the truth beneath.

As for me, I just try to weave words and imagery into whole cloth.

Reichenbach spoilers below the cut.

A Thousand Kisses Deep )
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Lestrade: "Sherlock Holmes is a great man. And if we're really lucky, one day...
spoiler under the cut… but wow )

This illustrates what I was trying to say (badly) in the prior entry.

A picture is worth a thousand words, yes? Graphic by Sherlox on Tumblr.
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For me, it's always about the relationships.

more rambly thoughts )

There's a story swirling around set in the 'Touchstone' 'verse. I'm ambivalent about writing it, but I may not have a choice.
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Go read it now. Seriously, guys. If you like Sherlock and you want to read fantastic characterization, gorgeous writing, and snappy, spot on voices/dialogue, go go go.

I love gift exchanges.

Zero Hour is miiiiiine. But I share nicely.

Unlike Sherlock.

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Written for  [ profile] thegameison_sh (my first challenge round!). The challenge was: Undercover

Title: (un) Masked
Author: [ profile] machshefa
Rating: PG
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Verse: BBC
Word count: 543
Warnings: None

(un) Masked )
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Title: Surfacing
Recipient: Slashykink
Author: (machshefa)
Characters/Pairings: John/Sherlock
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Summary: He’s here. Of course he is. He can no more stay away than can I.

But my vision blurs, and I know this must be a dream because I’ve come for Moriarty, but it’s John who steps out to greet me.

Written for the second round of [ profile] holmestice  as a pinch hit.

There aren’t enough words to thank my alpha/beta/cheerleading team. You somehow manage to hold my hand and hold my feet to the fire. Having you on the team makes everything I write better.

Thanks to: annietalbot, bluestocking78, dickglouster, scoffy, pyjamapants, bethbethbeth, and subversa.

Surfacing )
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