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It's all about relationships and the capacity to have them.

Moriarty is disappointed. He's lost his playmate. Sherlock loves, and so he's no longer interesting. He's boring now. The Final Problem is the crack in the mirror. Moriarty likes to say that Sherlock is him, and he is Sherlock, but he knows it isn't true. If it were, he wouldn't have to destroy him. If it were true, he'd continue to dance with him. 

No. Moriarty knows that Sherlock has the capacity to love... does, in fact, love. That is the Final Problem. That is why he is so driven to destroy Sherlock, even at the (presumed) cost of his own life. Because for Moriarty, without Sherlock in the mirror, life is no fun anymore. But for Sherlock ("I can't be the only one who gets bored."... TGG), it's no longer just about the mental stimulation or about being the best. It's about the others now, too. Moriarty's Final Problem is that he has no real reason to live. He has no relationships, no connections, nobody who loves him or who he loves. 

The Final Problem is how to destroy Sherlock through the ones he loves. How to destroy Sherlock and the ones he loves (to punish them all). He wants to destroy love itself, but in trying, he only makes it more obvious... only makes it so much stronger.

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Moriarty rocks!

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Was it you who said you were looking for a good Fall pic?

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The more screen time Moriarty had, the less interesting I found him. I have no idea how I'd experience this series without having been steeped in HP, but I now require my villains to be less interesting than the heroes, so I appreciated this.

I described the series to my host as being about a guy with Asperger's-like symptoms and the way he develops through friendship.

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Your summary! That's exactly right!

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You pinpointed what is probably the greatest genius in this adaptation. It's driven by relationships, making the stories humane.

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*wibbles* Is there somewhere that I can get "The
Final Problem" to watch on my computer since I don't get the channel here?


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