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I have attempted to stay out of the HealthCare Reform debate.

I have largely failed.  Miserably.

I feel passionately about the underlying reasons that (in my opinion) this bill (no matter how flawed; no matter how the political system needed to run in order to make it happen) is a critical necessity and a moral obligation.  I am not going to debate that point any further.  I will, however refer interested parties to T. R. Reid's, The Healing of America, which is a thoroughly researched, balanced and thoughtful exploration of health care systems in industrialized nations around the world.  

I will also refer anybody who is interested to this explanation of a well-validated concept in Social Psychology.

The Just World Hypothesis.

The 'Just World Hypothesis' refers to a common cognitive distortion.  It's not the only type, but it's one that strikes a particular chord with me in this debate.  For a broader discussion of cognitive distortion and how they operate, take a look here.

We live in a world filled with diversity of all types.  We will never all agree on all points, and we shouldn't have to.  I respect a good discussion, and welcome reflective thoughts and concerns from anybody who is respectful both of the issues and the participants in the discussion.

Our history is littered with acts of tremendous bravery, and ones of mind-boggling evil.  Like many people, my family has survived some of the most horrifying evil ever to touch this planet with its poison.  

There is disagreement, and then there is evil.

Rhetoric that fails to appreciate that distinction crosses the line in a way that I can barely articulate. 

Annie says it better.  Way better.  Here.  Read.


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