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Hi everybody.

I just got off the phone with Miss T. 

She said that she is overwhelmed (in a good way) by the incredible support she is receiving and is so appreciative of the response. Those of you who know how to contact her via phone are welcome to do so, and she, (to quote) is "welcome to not pick up the phone" if she's not feeling up to talking. She's doing a lot of dozing and said she knows that nobody will take it personally if she's not up for a conversation. :)

Also, something her husband told me last night was clarified in my conversation with her today and it's wonderful and important. 

I mentioned in my prior post that the neurosurgeon said that there was a tremendous amount of pressure in the brain from the tumor. This pressure was exacerbated by the changes in cabin pressure, but the tumor was causing most of it and it was extreme. The surgery relieved most if not all of that pressure.


Had T not come to Chicago, experienced changes in cabin pressure which ultimately caused the seizure which led to this diagnosis, the neurosurgeon told her that the tumor would have caused overwhelming pressure in the brain within about four weeks. According to the doctor, that pressure would likely have killed her. As she said, it could well have happened while she was driving... *shudders at the thought

She is so very grateful that she came to Chicago and so are we all.

T and I agree. Fangurlistan saves lives!

Also, she said that she cannot read (don't know if that's permanent or not), so let's get going on those podcasts! She's excited for them. 

Thanks to all of you for the tremendous response to this news, for the good wishes and positive energy you all are sending her way. This is such a wonderful community.
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