Jan. 5th, 2011

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Jan. 5th, 2011 04:51 pm
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*waves with the other arm

Allow me to say that Wendy-the-yoga-teacher is awesome.  The kewl move she taught us in class on Monday was awesome (incorporating handstand with a transition to Chattarunga into Sun Salutations).  My shoulder is slightly less impressed.  Maybe I could have done the sequence less than 8 times in a row.  Maybe, but I'm not sure.


*** interval during which Machshefa gets some Arnica gel (note: not at Osco, yes at Whole Foods... should have known that). ***

Things work continue to be overbooked... I vacillate between being mind-bendingly grateful to be this busy and feeling flat out exhausted.  I suppose this is the unspoken cost of self-employment.  Ah, well.  Things yoga continue to be really good (shoulder soreness aside).  I've been practicing regularly for six months and I can feel myself stronger and more flexible.  I love how I feel when I practice; the groundedness combined with the intense physical exertion is really remarkable (I do Vinyasa Flow, mostly).

Finally, and most importantly, if you haven't yet checked out 
[info]the_castle_lj , please come by and join in our first conversation.  We're talking about identity and fandom and fandom identity and... well, come see!  I'm still not caught up on all the postings and am eager to jump in and talk about what everybody is saying.  I posted my own reflections, too.  I'm awed and humbled by the observations and the honesty in this discussion. It's thought-provoking and just wonderful!  *loves the participants*  Thanks to [info]juno_magic  for setting it all up!


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